Yamato Kidou is a colleague of Tetsu Akatsuki and Nagi Saeki. He works with Kyouji Hashimoto and only once with Tetsu.

Appearance Edit

Yamato has dark green hair that's parted to the sides and forest green eyes. He also has a mole beneath the right side of his mouth. Within the game, his facial expression is often that of a frown or anger.

He wears the standard TOKKOH uniform with a policeman cap and a dark green band. He has the usual button-up coat with the addition of an dark navy green arm band that's lined with gold.

Personality Edit

Yamato is often cold and harsh. He makes rude comments towards people he looks down upon.

He doesn't question the legitimacy of TOKKOH's authority and believes what he is doing is right. Yamato even looks up to Kyouji and gives utmost respect to General Kongou because he trusts in their judgement.

He has a strong disliking for people like Nagi Saeki and Mitsuru Fuwa due to the fact that they both come from noble families yet do not have a strong resolve in their direction in life. Yamato believes they are born as privileged people and don't have to work hard to enjoy life and survive.

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Character Gallery Card 2Edit

"He is the rival of Tetsu and Nagi. The original character's personality was passed to Yamato, so we have the image that he is another side main character. His personality is a contrast to Tetsu's. They have been ripped away from their parents since they were small children. One went to a loving family, and the other was isolated. During the Taisho period, people were swayed by the economy in the war, There was still class systems at that time, so normal people and poor people had to live in a hard time. You might get a bad impression of Yamato though. I think he well reflects the hard days in this era. One of the themes of this story is "What is the disadvantaged and the powerful?" and I left my own answer to Yamato. It may be love-it-or-hate-it, but I have a kind of special fondness for Yamato. In the original setting, his weapons were pistols and whips but he couldn't use them in the's a shame."