The Prison Boys Mystery novel & Escape Game

The Prison Boys Mystery novel & Escape Game

The Prison Boys (監獄少年) is a mystery novel-type escape game on mobile made by the Japanese app developer from SEEC Corporation. As Tetsu Akatsuki, find out the truth of the Asakusa 12-Story Prison with your partner, Nagi Saeki!

Download link: Android or iOS

About The Game

At the end of the Taisho era, the player plays as Tetsu Akatsuki (暁哲), a member of the Secret Police Force, TOKKOH, who witnesses a tragic incident in the Asakusa 12-Story Prison... The closer he gets to the truth, the more he finds out the true darkness of the 12-Story Prison. Keeping your own sense of justice in mind, solve the mysteries together with your partner, Nagi Saeki (冴木 凪)

Throughout the game, one must solve problems and puzzles, make dialogue choices, search for clues, and investigate others. There are several different unofficial endings in The Prison Boys, which are obtained depending on the choices that were made - but only one true ending achievable.

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