Representation of TOKKOH within the game

TOKKOH is an organisation of special police force, serving under the government.

In 1910, an incident of high treason occurred. Lots of people were arrested and killed as they were planning an assassination against the Meiji Emperor. Consequently, the Home Office established the Special Political Police.

The Empire of Japan couldn't afford to miss anyone that threatened the government. Thus, TOKKOH was established to control the communists, liberalists and anarchists that were against the government. To protect the peace of Empire of Japan, the Special Political Police "TOKKOH" exists. Asakusa 12-Story building is a symbol of highest place, Asakusa.

The 12-Story Prison is the home of TOKKOH in the basement of the building. We exist to catch rebels and to make them confess their crime. We are TOKKOH. We have to expel anyone who can threaten the Empire of Japan.

Members Edit

Name Position
Nagi Saeki TOKKOH Officer
Tetsu Akatsuki TOKKOH Officer
Yamato Kidou TOKKOH Officer
Kyouji Hashimoto TOKKOH Senior Officer
Mitsuru Fuwa TOKKOH Senior Officer
Naoya Saeki TOKKOH Senior Officer
Kongou TOKKOH General

Trivia Edit

  • The 12-Story Prison is actually based off Japan's existing Ryōunkaku.
  • Asakusa is an actual place within Tokyo, Japan.
  • The motto of TOKKOH is to 'Just devote your blood, tears, heart and soul.' As a result of this, suicide is considered to be treason.