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Kyouji Hashimoto is Yamato Kidou's partner. He was previously Naoya Saeki's partner before the latter became a senior officer.

Appearance Edit

Kyouji has teal coloured hair which is gelled back so that his bangs doesn't fall over his forehead. He has hazel brown coloured eyes and round glasses with a dark brown frame.

He wears the standard TOKKOH uniform of the policeman cap with a dark green band and several additions to the usual button-up coat. He has a gold chain pinned to his second button which extends to his shoulder blade and two medals (one green and the other being red) attached to the right side of his chest with a gold embellishment being just above it. He also has a large strap that extends across his chest that's the colour of greyed-silver and crimson red. The symbol of 12-Story Prison has also been attached to it.

Personality Edit

Often seen as a big brother and saviour by Yamato Kidou.

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Character Gallery Card 2 Edit

"He is the secret boss character. His real name is Akira Kagesa. I tried not to make him an obviously shady character, but when I asked my friends "Which is shadier, a bobbed hair style or straight back hair?" they said "Both." so I gave it up. 'YOZAKURAKAI' has a model organisation that actually existed. It's mostly fantasy and parody, but even if they are dogmatic, the goal of 'Making Japan better' was the same. He tried to use Yamoto as his tool, but he failed before. He is cold-hearted and ambitious but he can't trust people even though he wants to. Maybe it's his last conscience."