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Character Gallery Cards Edit

Note: Card 2s will only appear once the True ending in Chapter 5 has been unlocked.

Tetsu Akatsuki Edit

  • Card 1

Nagi Saeki Edit

  • Card 1
  • Card 2

Naoya Saeki Edit

  • Card 1

Guide/Walkthrough Edit

=== (Stage 7) Search – Ohkawa’s house===
~Mr. Ohkawa’s house~


Naoya Saeki

  • About Mr. Ohkawa
  • About the house


Area 1

  • Torn paper (under the corner of the carpet)
  • Memo pad (on the table, beside the coffee cup)

Area 2 (Use the ⇆ icon on the right, above the dialogue box)

  • Pencil (under the pillow on the sofa)
  • Silk dish cloth (in the cupboard with the candlestick)
  • Torn paper (on top of the tall cabinet. Use the sword to get it)


  1. Use the pencil on memo pad. Writing will be revealed.
  2. Use the cloth to clean the painting. The painting will be revealed.
  3. Combine the paper halves from Area 1 and 2.
  4. View the clean painting through the mirror. Note down the colours corresponding to the positions of the shapes, then refer to the memo pad for the corresponding numbers. (Circle & Star = Blue = 1, Triangle = Yellow = 2, Heart = Red = 9).
  5. Go to the painting and enter 1-9-2-1 at its bottom. Envelopes will be revealed.

Chapter Summary Edit

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